A birthday present


Greetings from Sleep Deprivation Land! Woah – sick kids and no sleep are beginning to get to me… I have tried to edit this post over 24 hours and I just can’t get a nice flow so publish and be damned, I say, and sorry it isn’t more sparkly:

I have just finished this doll to give to a good friend on her big 4-0. I based the idea for this doll on  a quick doodle I did last year. She’s a bit more clown-like, but I quite like her. I made up a new pattern using elements of my punkdorf doll pattern (arms and legs – less seam allowance), and a crazy adaptation of my marshamllow rabbits, believe it or not. Her legs are attached with buttons – a technique I learnt from Mimi and her fabulous felt doll tutorial at Purl Bee. Her dress is lifted directly from Fiona’s gorgeous Poppy Doll pattern (such a good pattern!) which was so quick and easy to make that I am looking forward to finding some time to make an actual Poppy doll. I used wool fleece to stuff my doll which was a great choice for something that needed a strong form and not much squish. Even so, I had to stablise her neck with half a paddle pop stick and it still has wrinkles (grr).

Off to have a coffee (my best friend).

Tomorrow we are off to Byron Bay but I am going to auto-publish next week’s What’s Hot and What’s Not on Wednesday so join me then – hopefully the widget works. xx