A birthday present


Greetings from Sleep Deprivation Land! Woah – sick kids and no sleep are beginning to get to me… I have tried to edit this post over 24 hours and I just can’t get a nice flow so publish and be damned, I say, and sorry it isn’t more sparkly:

I have just finished this doll to give to a good friend on her big 4-0. I based the idea for this doll on  a quick doodle I did last year. She’s a bit more clown-like, but I quite like her. I made up a new pattern using elements of my punkdorf doll pattern (arms and legs – less seam allowance), and a crazy adaptation of my marshamllow rabbits, believe it or not. Her legs are attached with buttons – a technique I learnt from Mimi and her fabulous felt doll tutorial at Purl Bee. Her dress is lifted directly from Fiona’s gorgeous Poppy Doll pattern (such a good pattern!) which was so quick and easy to make that I am looking forward to finding some time to make an actual Poppy doll. I used wool fleece to stuff my doll which was a great choice for something that needed a strong form and not much squish. Even so, I had to stablise her neck with half a paddle pop stick and it still has wrinkles (grr).

Off to have a coffee (my best friend).

Tomorrow we are off to Byron Bay but I am going to auto-publish next week’s What’s Hot and What’s Not on Wednesday so join me then – hopefully the widget works. xx

41 Responses to “A birthday present”

  1. Tara

    She is super cute, love the freckles and the striped stockings. Have a wonderful holiday 🙂 x

  2. Mandy

    What a great gift!! 🙂 I think I love her yarn hair the most. It’s a quirky, cut, disheveled-yet-tidy look… if that makes any sense at all??Coffee is my best friend, too. I realized, very painfully, that any day I skip out on my date with a cup of Joe is a day where I have a terrible headache. A sign of addiction? Maybe… but it just spurs me on to making sure I don’t forget to drink my coffee!

  3. Laura Anderson

    What a thoughtful gift, love the color combination. Definitely know how sick kids can wear you down. I work with ReadyMade, and if you have some time you should take a look at some of their do it yourself crafts

  4. pinry

    oh sorry to hear about the lack of sleep, it really is torture. the doll is beautiful, i just love the turquoise and red colours together.

  5. Shelley Noble

    She’s sensational. You are so great at choices of materials, the hair the fabrics, etc. It’s your style that comes right through. Fab.

  6. Lisa

    She’s fab, she just reminds me of Swedish authors Astrig Lingred ( think thats how you spell it!!) Pipi longstocking, and Lauren child did some gorgeous illustrations too. I love her hair it’s brilliant! Have a wonderful relaxing brake 🙂

  7. Pip Lincolne

    Oooh I love her! She’s a little bit Astrid Lindgren Pippi, isn’t she!? Her hair and stripey legs are lovely! Her face is so cute! Ace work, you clever clogs! x

  8. Meg

    She is very special indeed.Happy holidays! Hope you all get some rest and reading time. xx

  9. Claire - Matching Pegs

    Just beautiful and unique – I love the socks.Are they sewn on? If they are not, I think you will be pulling them on a lot – or your friend will – they are going to be so tempting to roll down/remove.

  10. Fiona

    Oooh! She’s absolutely exquisite! I keep scrolling back up to look at her gorgeous hair – just perfect.(Thanks for the nice words about the pattern, too! :))

    Have a lovely holiday, and hopefully lots of blissful uninterrupted sleep. xo

  11. mimi k

    She is fantastic! I am sure she will be the perfect gift for 4-0. I love her hair… and her stockings. Well, and her face. Okay enough 🙂

  12. Danielle

    She’s beautiful! It really is like one of your drawings has just leapt of the page. So much character! Enjoy Byron.

  13. Kirsty

    Oh Claire she’s divine! She’s just oozing personality.Have a wonderful break. I hope the weather is kind to you & you get to laze & read & relax.

  14. Melissa

    Have you started your eldest on Pippi yet? My 7 yold just loves her, so strong, independent, devil may care – a great character. She loved her so much she went as Pippi to the book parade at school – love, love. p.s. I’d buy one of them dolls if they turned up in some online purchasing place….

  15. Beth

    She’s great! I love her sweet but sly expression and thick red locks. Beth

  16. Chelsea

    As soon as I saw her I thought of Joan Holloway from Mad Men, for some reason. Must be the cheeky smile and saucy sideways glance! What a great way to usher in the 40s. Love it!

  17. victoria

    She reminds me of someone, a real person, although I can’t recall who…. Looking forward to decadent shots of byron.

  18. ishtar

    Oh, I dont know if youll ever read this but just in case, I wanted to tell you this doll is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! i love it!!! really so, SO beautiful! are you planning on making a pattern?with love,ishtar

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