Seven is my lucky number

My girl is tucked up in bed with a fever after having spent her birthday driving back in the car from NSW feeling lousy. Not much of a birthday. She came home to find a new (second hand!) desk and lots of lovely stationery to fill its drawers but she was too tired and sick to enjoy it.

I can hardly believe she turned seven today. I am so lucky to know her and her kind heart.


Happy Birthday Miss Amelia. xox

18 Responses to “Seven is my lucky number”

  1. Jennifer

    So sorry she isn’t feeling well, seven years old, doesn’t time fly. Look at that head of hair…. Happy Birthday!

  2. Shelley Noble

    Happy Birthday Miss Amelia! Get well soon and feel better fast! I love how much your mommy loves you. You have a very special family.

  3. Victoria

    Seven;The number most people pick when asked to pick a number between 1 & 10.

    The number of works of art in a heptalogy.

    The international dialling code for Kazakhstan.

    The number of spots on a ladybird.


    The age of an adorable birthday girl.

    Happy 7th Birthday!

  4. cherrysling

    My son also had a birthday on the 3rd of October (8), birthdays really are for parents too (especially mums?), at this age birth is still near and yet disappearing rapidly towards the horizon as we all keep paddling our little boats forwards, as we must.

  5. Tara

    Poor poppet, belated birthday fun can be just as good, don’t you think ? Hope she gets better really soon and has a wonderful post birthday birthday.


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