The future in a cup

Sadly I have missed a couple of days, so close to the end of my month of posting every day. I also completely forgot to take photos of my last three dinners to upload to Once Daily (have you visited Once Daily? Come join us! – Start a project with a vague theme such as daily dinners, kitchen benches, breakfast, views etc. And take a photo every day, upload it and watch a story of your life slowly unfold). Our weekend was busy with family and lots of laughs. Tonight we are off to a bbq with a country football team so I can only imagine what kind of craziness will insue.

Just now Phil has finished his morning coffee (look, he’s uploading them everyday to Once Daily), and this is the formation the coffee grounds made in the bottom of his cup. BIZARRO! I, of course, immediately read it to mean that we will spotting that elusive Barn Owl that lives around here… but perhaps, according to Turkish coffee ground fortune telling, it means something more ominous? Scandal! Oh dear. ┬áLet’s hope it has nothing to do with tonight’s bbq and all those footballers. I have seen enough of them on facebook to know that there’s a strong possibility. I would far prefer to see that Barn Owl.

** Terrifying update! Phil has just got back from his morning run… and look what he saw on a log! What can it mean? **