Bird Brain

I’m afraid to say that I have caught the birding bug. It’s pretty hard to avoid around here… today we saw a Black Fronted Dotterel and my day was made. ┬áBut now my brother and sister-in-law have just arrived and we’ve cracked open a block of coconut chocolate, the kettle is on, the fire is crackling and the playful insults are already flying so I better go and join in the fun.

7 Responses to “Bird Brain”

  1. Amy

    So glad you’re having wonderful holidays! The good energy certainly comes across in your words and pictures. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. ecoMILF

    That bird is gorgeous! Such big eyes! Are they rare or hard to spot usually? I know nothing about birds, especially natives. Happy holidays! I’m loving your blog!

  3. Mandy

    I have a friend who is terrified/hates birds, so that one there–with his beady red eyes–would send her straight to the opposite direction!Sounds like a lovely holiday! Hope it’s been nothing but wonderful.

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