An indoors kind of morning






The rain fell all evening and all night and woke us at 6am. It’s an indoor kind of morning – with the prospect of wading in mud this afternoon. So I am still in my PJs and my ugg boots and have taken some photos of the floor. There’s some very worn out old carpets in this house – my favourite is the one with pink roses.

20 Responses to “An indoors kind of morning”

  1. Betty Jo

    I like the carpets. And the green uggies.I have some of that rose carpet sitting around waiting to be turned into something…..let me know if you are ever getting rid of the orangey one, it’s nice tooxLiz

  2. Jennifer

    Love the photos, and the carpets. It rained all last night here too, love those dreary, rainy mornings, perfect for some snuggling with the kiddos.

  3. gillian

    Great uggboots – I have the same ones in blue and often take photos of them just for fun. BTW you are supposed to stay in your PJs all day when you’re on holidays.

  4. Rattling On

    When we viewed our house before buying it I told the woman I loved the massive rug in her workroom, it was just like the rosey carpet in your photo.We bought the house, and when we moved in we found she’d left it for us. How nice is that? It’s now in our bedroom.Love the colour of your Uggs.

  5. coryy

    hello corrine! you’re the only person i’ve EVER “met” with my same name!!!!!!I think that roses carpet was in my childhood playroom, but on a black background, not grey.

    stay cozy-i’m avoiding the mud myself today, too.

  6. Sam

    I like those photos!! A great snapshot of the house whilst at the same time revealing nothing that you wouldn’t want to!! 😉

  7. jen

    it must be sooo nice to stay at home everyday! working sucks!… although I would probably get bored after a week! lol

  8. Mandy

    I like the orangeish-red carpet, too, along with the rose one. You’re on holiday, right? I wish there was such a thing as holidays in America! But sadly, they aren’t recognized out here the way they are everywhere else in the world…


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