What’s your favourite colour?

A six year old (Amelia) once asked me what my favourite colour is.
I had to think about it and had to tell her that I don’t really have a favourite colour per se – it changes all the time. I have favourite colour combinations and the combinations change all the time too. Of course, this seems absurd to a six year old who wears their favourite colour (literally) on their sleeve. A favourite colour is the same as a political allegiance or nationality to a six year old. “Well mine’s PINK, PINK on its own with no other colours touching it!” – you see. And Amelia isn’t really a girly-girl. She likes her fair share of fairies and princesses but most of her wardrobe looks like she’d be at home on a skateboard or holding a wii remote and her room is a riot (riot being the operative word here) of bright primaries and mismatched prints. None the less, Pink is her thing. She will choose the pink cupcake, the pink pencil case, the pink sunglasses. When I was little my favourite colour was blue. A kind of neutral sky blue – a little noncommittal really. I wish I had chosen something a little more quirky and full of personality but I was a kind of neutral, non-commital kid. I had to grow into the quirky colours. If I had to pick a favourite colour this week it would still be a blue but a very clear, vibrant turquoise, a colour that is full or life but still manages to be peaceful. Our bedroom wall is turquoise and it looks good touching other colours too – like pink, bright red, orange and brown (though usually not all at the same time). The only draw back to turquoise is that Phil and I shout at each other over what colour it really is. I will say “can I have the blue mug?” and he’ll say “huh? You mean this green mug?” and I’ll have to shout at him that it is most definitely BLUE. Our bedroom wall? He says green, I say blue. We try to agree to disagree and call it turquoise or teal or something but honestly I know it’s blue and he looks at me like I’m nuts. So that’s turquoise. I love it.