What’s your favourite colour?

A six year old (Amelia) once asked me what my favourite colour is.
I had to think about it and had to tell her that I don’t really have a favourite colour per se – it changes all the time. I have favourite colour combinations and the combinations change all the time too. Of course, this seems absurd to a six year old who wears their favourite colour (literally) on their sleeve. A favourite colour is the same as a political allegiance or nationality to a six year old. “Well mine’s PINK, PINK on its own with no other colours touching it!” – you see. And Amelia isn’t really a girly-girl. She likes her fair share of fairies and princesses but most of her wardrobe looks like she’d be at home on a skateboard or holding a wii remote and her room is a riot (riot being the operative word here) of bright primaries and mismatched prints. None the less, Pink is her thing. She will choose the pink cupcake, the pink pencil case, the pink sunglasses. When I was little my favourite colour was blue. A kind of neutral sky blue – a little noncommittal really. I wish I had chosen something a little more quirky and full of personality but I was a kind of neutral, non-commital kid. I had to grow into the quirky colours. If I had to pick a favourite colour this week it would still be a blue but a very clear, vibrant turquoise, a colour that is full or life but still manages to be peaceful. Our bedroom wall is turquoise and it looks good touching other colours too – like pink, bright red, orange and brown (though usually not all at the same time). The only draw back to turquoise is that Phil and I shout at each other over what colour it really is. I will say “can I have the blue mug?” and he’ll say “huh? You mean this green mug?” and I’ll have to shout at him that it is most definitely BLUE. Our bedroom wall? He says green, I say blue. We try to agree to disagree and call it turquoise or teal or something but honestly I know it’s blue and he looks at me like I’m nuts. So that’s turquoise. I love it.

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  1. Patti

    Yes your wall is blue! My husband would say it’s green as well – just like he says a pair of green pants he has are brown. It is very frustrating :)My daughter also loves pink but you wouldn’t know it from her clothes or room. We have promised her a pink room, though, whenever she gets a baby brother or sister – she currently has a fun, sunny, yellow room.

  2. Diem

    I love the beautiful pillows and quilt! It must be lovely to wake up to such a nice decor. Did you make those prints above the bed? They look so cheerful.

  3. Mandy

    It’s most definitely a blue! I can’t even see that as a form of green. I wonder what things look like from the eyes of different people, though? They probably really do see it as green and think we’re crazy to just see it as blue.

  4. Melissa Crowe

    My entire apartment–accept for my daughter’s room, which is apple green–is painting that exact same shade of watery-turquoise-blue!

  5. Lisa

    I’m with you, it’s definitely blue! (the picture above your bed are lovely, did you do them?) Although I’m definitely with Amelia too, Yellow has always been my favourite colour and always will be! I’m not fickle with my fave colour, very loyal!!!

  6. Christy

    My partner and I also disagree about color. We have a blue/green thing and a blue/lavender thing. I wonder if we are seeing the colors the same but calling them something different or if we actually see the colors differently. I don’t know if there’s any way to find that out.

  7. Brenna

    I would call that ‘aqua’, myself, but whatever you call it, it’s gorgeous. I love that color.

  8. Andi

    Let’s face it, men simply don’t ‘get’ colour like we do. It is blue!!And coming from a person with a longstanding dislike of this colour, it is significant that I say, I LOOOOOVE your bedroom. Absolutely stunning combination of fabrics, colours, textures and patterns.Beautiful.Andi 🙂

    PS My favourite colour is red …. and sometimes pink!

  9. Danielle

    that is a great color. Where did you get that beautiful bedspread? Does it have Dahlias on it?

  10. AbbieBabble

    That is DEFINITELY on the blue side of the spectrum. Then again, I’m bad at colors. Either way, your room is gorgeous!

  11. Rebecca

    I have that same fight with people. Know in the future that I am on your side. That is distinctly blue.

  12. gretchen/june at noon

    My husband and I have the same difference of opinion about greens and blues. I’m with you. That is definitely blue! As for favorites, I have liked red for a very long time, still do, but my true loves for the last few years have been green and then yellow.

  13. Yvette

    I like most colors, but if I have to answer to a favorite it would be one of three, depending on my mood at that exact moment. Blue, Red or Purple.I have clothes is all three colors that I wear a lot, but when those are in the hamper I’ll dig out a few strange colored ones.

    I remember my daughter was the same way, one color and one color only. I don’t even remember a specific color as she would change choice about every 1-2 months. And, no, we didn’t paint her room every time she changed … LOL.

  14. Kelly

    That is so funny… my husband and I have the exact same argument about turquoise objects. I see blue, he sees green. Your wall, definitely blue! 😉

  15. Lillabilly

    Colour is such an awesome thing. My favourite as a child was PURPLE! Not your gorgeous girly lavender-pretty-purple but the darkest, boldest, cool toned PURPLE! you could imagine – capitals, exclamation mark and all. My mother used to say it was such a peculiar colour for a little girl to like. I liked it all the way up to when I got divorced then overnight I hated it. (Let’s not try to psychoanalyse THAT!)Now it’s green, green, green all the way – from clear bold spring greens to teals and turquoises right through to soft sagey colours. The funny thing is that now I have a little girl of my own and she (quite by herself) adores purple as much as I did.

    Oh, and your wall? My Pantone colour guide says it’s definately blue.

  16. Louisa

    I’d go with aqua.Your bedside tables are a lot tidier than mine!

  17. Louisa

    Maybe that could be an idea for one of your posts.”What’s on your bedside table?”

  18. Chelsea

    Looks like this is a gender thing – my husband says our magenta towels are red, while I say they reside more on the pink side of the spectrum. Then I glare at him to let him know the argument has finished and I have won. Sometimes this even works… 😉

  19. Cristy

    Sounds like it may be a gender thing (judging from the comments), I also argue with my husband over aqua and turquoise objects – which are clearly blue.My favourite colour as a child was also sky blue, and it was the colour of my bedroom. My new favourite colour is duck egg blue (pretty similar to your bedroom colour now). Sorry, sounds overly similar…

    I am very keen to have a kitchen full of duck egg blue and red objects. I love the combination. I’m thinking duck egg blue and chocolate brown would be a nice bedroom combo too. First we need our own house so that we are allowed to paint the walls though.

  20. Prue

    I get to be in charge of colours in our house because my husband is colourblind.And my favourite colour is green.

  21. Claire - Matching Pegs

    When I name a colour as a favorite, (and I have so many favorites) I have to be specific – it is never just green, or yellow, or blue – but “soft apple green” or “buttery yellow” or “periwinkle blue”. I am sure there are many people who would find this strange and pretentious.Your wall looks lovely and fresh without being too bright.

  22. kendra

    That is my favorite color, too, and it’s the color of the walls in my craft room. Annnnd, my husband and I have the same blue/green argument! That is definitely no green.

  23. Isabelle

    Well that wall is definitely not TEAL! Which is kinda my favourite colour at the moment. Or yellow. Or maybe apple green.I have this green jumper that my friend insists is gray. I don’t get it at all, it’s so, so green to me.

  24. Sarah

    Sometimes I can’t help wondering whether the way we see colour is different for each person. I mean, I know it’s different for people who are red-green colourblind, but what if it just varies a little from person to person anyway? Say, maybe your husband sees more yellow than you do, so he thinks turquoise is green. (Although, personally, I think it looks blue too).Also, I really like that bedspread. It goes nicely with the wall colour.

  25. jae sook

    I think it depends on person. it can be seen both blue and green. it’s hard to define what coloor it is exactly.

  26. larissa

    turquoise will always be blue to me too. my daughter knows that is my favorite color and she says it ‘torquayz’. loving your bedroom. so fresh looking.

  27. Christie

    Yep, my husband and I disagree on colours alot, green/blue and red/pink are the main ones.I love your bedroom so much Claire! I want to curl up on your bed with a good book! Lovely light and wallcolour.

    Hope you are having a good holiday

  28. Kellie

    Blue, I love blue. My husband is color blind. (not a joke) I cant trick him in shades of colors. he heBeautiful room.

  29. Becky

    Haha! This is absolutely amusing. Love your posts, they are like mini snapshots of life ^_^ Hm… I would say the walls are bluish green? That translates to a new word called turquoise. Haha.

  30. lisa

    Hi Claire…have been visiting your site now for several years…thanks. Cld you pls tell me where you purchased your bedside tables from. I have had no luck finding the perfect leg angle… your white set look just abour right. Regards.

  31. Breeanna

    Hi im 14 And was wondering where you got your doona cover from? Its lovely and really matches the BLUE wall! (Yeah i think it looks more blue than green!)

  32. Claire

    Hi BreeannaIt’s actually a quilt – quite thin – we throw it over our doona.I got the quilt from a friend who had it shipped from Anthropologie inthe states.I’ve had a quick look at their website and I don’t think it’s still available..

    It’s a design by awesome Paris based artist Nathalie Lete


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