My Creative Space – 5.30am

Almost every Thursday morning I am woken around 5 by the noise of the rubbish trucks. As soon as I hear that familiar rumble and clunk I immediately feel a rush of addrenalin and panic as I think “Did we put out the rubbish bins?”. Every Thursday – without fail, and I think we have forgotten to put out the bins maybe twice in the last ten years. So I immediately remember “yes, we did” but by then I am awake and my nerves are fried. This morning, instead of lying in bed for an hour cursing the stupid rubbish trucks, I got up, made a cup of tea and sat out on the couch and wrote 1500 words. Brilliant.

I’m leaving my trashy adult novel for the time being and have started some writing for the Middle Reader age group which is the 7-12 year olds. I am writing fast and furious and the ideas are flowing. This is surely the best bit of the process – characters unravel and situations appear on the page seemingly from nowhere. I guess my Muse was sipping rooibos on the couch next to me this a.m.

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