What’s Hot + What’s Not on a Wednesday

I used to love those columns in trashy magazines where they would tell you what was hot and what was not. With a glance you could see that parachute pants were out and bubble skirts were in. Do they still do these? I am going to do my own. Maybe you might make a hot and not list. Link back to me if you do so I can come and see.

Here’s mine for 16th September 2009:

What’s Hot

Banana Milkshakes (above) – Banana, honey, milk. Easy. Kids love it.

Kylie Kwong’s Mum’s Hokkien Noodles: – I’ve made this twice now, with slight additions of extra veg or substitute veg. It’s easy and delicious. Amelia gobbles it down. Lily doesn’t. But then again, all she eats is bread (and banana milkshakes) so it’s not surprising.

T2 Red Rooibos Tea: A while back I heard an interview with Alexander McCall Smith on the radio where he was discussing his Number One Ladies Detective Agency books in which the main character¬†Mma Precious Ramotswe consumes large amounts of rooibos tea. Both he and the interviewer (Margaret Throsby? Probably) raved about how delicious rooibos is. Up until then I had only tried some disgusting, dishwater version found in some supermarket teabags and realised more research was needed. I bought a small box of T2s red roobios and am now hooked and drink at least two cups a day. Caffeine free, low tannin levels, full of antioxidants it’s delicious and good and It’s great before bed.

Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens: I use a lot of those for my drawing. My favourites are the black ones (S, F and Brush nibs) but I have them in lots of different colours.

Amy-Angry Chicken’s Apple Cider Vinegar wart cure. It works. ‘Nuff said.

Byron Bay – Counting down the days until Phil and I and a couple of good mates head for the tropics for 4 nights. Can.not.wait.

What’s Not

Warts, clearly.

My Mum standing on a step ladder to hack a branch off a tree, falling and breaking a rib. Very not hot.

Tiny little video cameras (Flip Ultra HD in this case) which should be cool, except they don’t seem to include the feature of some kind of stabilization control. Shakey!

Losing my holiday packing list file somewhere on my hard drive *again*. I seem to not be able to find the last one I created every single time we are packing to go away and have to start writing out items from scratch. Fortunately I had this photo on loobylu from last year and I could peer at it and copy some of it out again.

Headaches, end-of-term-tired children, big credit card bills, hurty shoes, whiney blog posts.