My Creative Space – the lost & the forgotten






My studio is full of half finished, half thought out projects. I get a flush of early enthusiasm and then other things get in the way. I haven’t got the heart to throw them away so they get stashed and collect dust.

From top to bottom:

A little girl doll prototype for a project which I will go back to one day.

A pattern prototype I was working on but never really loved.

Oil paintings – I got distracted after the first few coats on three or four of these.

Pyjama bag pattern prototype – she just didn’t work so I shelved that idea for the time being.

Punkdorf dolls and heads. These I will finish. The bodies are quick compared to the struggle I have forming these heads.

Spray paint art. I enjoyed this process so much but it was pretty time consuming and my plywood warped so that got stuck in the “too hard basket.

Welcome to my brain. You can see how I frustrate my friends.

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