Kitchen table drama

This afternoon: Marshmallow bunny factory


This evening: School project 11th hour


Yesterday: Paper dolls


Last night: Testing every felt tip marker in the house and throwing out the duds.

16 Responses to “Kitchen table drama”

  1. KylieM

    Gee .. you took photos of our Kitchen Table .. although I must admit ours often has a Volcano or Castle lately!

  2. Teresa

    lol – I did that with the our texta collection a few days ago, I always vow to curb the children’s habits of leaving the lids off, but to little avail. A major pencil sharpening exercise also helps round out the stationery cupboard overhaul!T

  3. Yvette

    Aren’t kitchen tables just the greatest? There is rarely a time my tables aren’t covered with “stuff” – not always crafts, but just “stuff”.

  4. Ms B. Thrift

    If that table could talk…. 🙂 what a wonderful snapshot of your family life and what brilliant things are created right there in the heart of your home!

  5. Diem

    my gosh I feel better knowing my house is not the only one with such stuff on the table. I really like the blossom border on the Japan school project.


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