Some things I may have been spending money on

1. Helen Dardik’s “Daddy Love” giclee print 2. & 3. Viking Plates by Herzenart 4. A 1930s butter dish, to replace an old favourite broken depression era glass one. I love this butter dish. It was made especially for Westinghouse to go along with their new electric refrigerator line. Coolness.

14 Responses to “Some things I may have been spending money on”

  1. mamzelle carneto

    love theses viking’s plates !!and this tart seems so great ! I womnder if I prefer such a tart in a white plate or an apple in a viking’s plate 😉

  2. Noelia

    I love the plates, here the only ones i can find with those drawings (kinda) are made of plastic … and im not a fan of plastic plates …

  3. trish

    I’m so enjoying your blog! Just found it today, but can’t wait to come back for more;)

  4. Tara

    Those plates are fantastic,I love them. And you couldn’t possibly go wrong with a bright blue butter dish, the butter would look so pretty inside. x

  5. Tracy

    I didn’t know until today that it was possible to have butter dish envy but now I do. What a gorgeous blue.

  6. vicki

    Oh I was eyeing up those herzenart plates myself a couple of days ago…they are wonderful x

  7. Mandy

    LOVE the plates!!! How precious are those?? And it’s in euro currency. Wonder if she takes USD.

  8. Juni

    Thanks for posting these – I absolutely adore the Helen Dardik print and have followed the link to her etsy store and purchased from her myself.

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