A quick update tonight – as I can barely string a sentence together after a long night up with a kid with the voms. But we all went to see Ponyo this afternoon, and it was utterly charming. I kept thinking it was like an animation from my own childhood – no tacky glitz or bad songs sung by novelty characters. Charming, as I said.  If you can bear that horrible movie-trailer-voice-over guy, have a look at the preview because it was as fun as all that.

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  1. Celeritas

    Looks really cute but with the contrasting darkness. I must confess that as an adult I prefer to watch foreign films in their original language with subtitles but dubbing is great for kids.

  2. Lisa

    Will definitely check it out, my Lily loves Studio Ghibli films, Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle are her faves, thanks Claire, hope your kids are feeling a lot better 🙂

  3. Chelsea

    I love that you always make it a point to mention Studio Ghiblis’.Ponyo basically just makes me squeal inside. She’s so cute!

  4. Malinda

    Your girls weren’t scared? The kids sitting next to us were crying at points in the movie! I thought it was great though and not scary at all.

  5. leslie

    we saw this movie and loved it too- the kids had such personalities and there were so many good parts and points of the movies… my favorite in a long time! I liked that it was a kid movie with no (very little, if you’re being picky IMO) objectionable content. 🙂

  6. Beth

    We saw Ponyo, too, age 48, 19, and 7, and all loved it. I loved how strong the little girl was and how brave the little boy was. She was was determined to be human, even if her Daddy said no! He protected his friend, even when he was scared. And it was so magical! Rivers in the forest and street full of prehistoric fishes, a wild night with waves like whales and a little girl running over the top of them smiling, a little boat powered by a candle, kind people everywhere and the sense that the children will come to no harm even during such a dramatic storm. I can’t wait to discuss it with a friend who just saw it. I also liked the colorful, softly drawn backgrounds.

  7. Tara

    Le Artiste has just started to attempt manga sketches.He just “Ooooohed” in appreciation at the Ponyo trailer. I think we’ve just found another ‘must see’.

  8. Jess

    OH thanks for the sneak peak, I’m dying to see it and now that I’ve heard such good things about it, i’m even more keen.thanks

  9. Sam

    We all loved it too. Such a beautiful movie. The kiddies (and adults) were completely mesmerised.2 other faves in our house are Totoro and Kiki’d Delivery Service.

  10. Laurel

    We LOVED this film. The highlights for me:-beautifully animated. i’m so sick of pixar. this was refreshing, and as someone earlier mentioned, charming. lots of deep, rich colors.-the mom cracking open a beer. (well, maybe it was pop, but i’m gonna choose to believe it was a beer.) ;)-suspense and drama without needing a “bad guy” to keep things interesting. -the subtle, yet positive reference to breast feeding.-and there seemed to be a sweet sense of community. people knew each other and cared for one another. there seemed to be a sense of respect and kindness extended to children and the elderly. i thought that was cool.


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