Early spring evening



I was out picking herbs yesterday evening and I discovered the BEST smell combination. Fresias + Rosemary + Woodsmoke. If I was a freaky 18th Century perfumer, this is the exact combination of fragrances I would combine to capture a memory of the first days of spring.

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  1. jenny b harris

    Now that’s spooky… freesia and woodsmoke are my two favorite scents. I’m trying to imagine a hint of rosemary added into the blend, and I think I like it.

  2. Melissa

    I have a huge vase of white freesias on my kitchen bench at the moment too and the perfume is superb. I love Spring! And yes, I agree those duck bowls are sweet.

  3. pinry

    i’m loving the freesias popping up in my garden too – must try the rosemary with them. your window sill looks so pretty!

  4. Mandy

    The smell of spring/summer will always be lilacs and honeysuckle to me, after the rain. Now if that was a perfume, I’d wear it everyday…

  5. Claire

    I did a similar thing yesterday evening though my combination was violets, oregano and freesias.I have wee vases filled with jasmine scattered around the house too.

    I love, luff, lurve spring.

  6. Lisa

    Ah your pics are lovely, I love freesias, sadly months away as a very wet and windy Autumn starts here! Pumpkins, soup and log fires for us!!

  7. Ms B. Thrift

    OH MY, I can imagine that scent, freesias are my favourite flowers and rosemary is a very underrated accompaniment to a floral bouquet, both have such beautiful scents! I haven’t experienced woodsmoke before but i can imagine its musky.


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