My week in pictures. There were wild winds and sick kids.

Aah Friday… In exactly two minutes I am picking up the phone and ordering Mushroom Mutter, naan bread and some kind of crazy deep fried chicken (pakora?). I will also be encouraging the girls to turn off the tv and will be switching on the radio to listen to Classic Drive with Julia Lester because I like Julia and her music programmer. Tonight I am ducking around the corner for some classy drinks with the girls and then tomorrow I am leaping up to go to the market to buy my usuals (celeriac? feta? cos lettuce hearts? these things seem to make it into my bag every week).

this weekend I am also going to be

– making chicken pie for friends
– visiting the flea market
– painting some window frames
– trying not to think about gorgeous mid century furniture I spied with Kirsty in Fitzroy today
– pulling up weeds
– picking up a copy of Jane Eyre
– putting together a costume for a school performance
– starting a design for an embroidered cushion for Amelia’s birthday
– pulling out that old prickly pear pattern and making it into something that others might like to buy (hello 2005!)
Рtaking the girls to Ponyo
– and some more!

What are you up?