Gloomy photo day

Today was going to be all about the photos – the rabbits that I have been slowly (oh so slowly) stitching away at for months are finally done and I was going to take some lifestyle-y kinda shots to make them look oh-so-appealing but of course, it’s a gloomy August day and no matter how much I rev up the saturation in photoshop it still looks grey. So perhaps tomorrow will be better. If all goes to plan I will have rabbits, punkdorf dolls, kokeshi dolls and prints all available either on ebay or etsy some time next week. Stay tuned for details – and photos!

And look: Daffodils are out in the garden – and now in a vase in our kitchen.


23 Responses to “Gloomy photo day”

  1. Pip Lincolne

    Wowee Claire! Loving the bunnies! Loving the daffodils! Loving the sweet wee girl! NOT loving the weather today… 🙁 But at least it means coffee and lots of yummy food and indoorsness, huh?! Hello to you and your family! Did you see the video I posted about the girl and the orange ring?! So good. That’s all… xx

  2. kira

    Oooh. I cannot wait to see your new items on Etsy! I would love to pick up a piece for my daughter.

  3. Tara

    I think we should start a petition, at least five more hours in each day so we can blog, craft, tweet, read, play, paint, draw, write….Twenty-four hours just really isn’t enough. Gorgeous bunnies and dolls you clever little cookie. x

  4. Cristy

    Oh I just love your bunnies. They are unreasonably cute.I am going to have a tough time resisting them next week (or a tough time explaining an unusual charge on our visa to my partner)…

  5. Kirsty

    I love the shot of the daffs & the bunny…maybe more because of the gloom. She’s just bursting with colour (& my favourite).

  6. jenny b harris

    Adorable! And I mean both the cuties in the top photo!And I think the photo is great as is, but if you are really not happy with it, you could try adjusting the Levels (try moving the center slider to the left a bit to brighten the midtones), or play with a fun tool called Shadow/Highlight (it’s under Image/Adjustments) But you probably are savvy with these adjustments already. :o)

  7. Karen pimentel

    Super cutie bunny and daughter!You should sell a downloadable tutorial–it would definitely sell a lot!!!

  8. momo

    Oh Claire! How gorgeous those two little bunnies of yours are, gloomy day or not. You’re going to have me checking every day now for when they’re up, I’d love one for my little girl-bunny.

  9. Erica Eley

    I hope you will put some of your marshmallow bunnies on etsy, I have been waiting my whole life for one… and I don’t have an account with ebay!The one pictures is adorable!

    I can’t wait to see them!


  10. Prue

    Gloomy day but happy daffodils! Yay for spring!I love the bunnies. And we’ve got that shirt in our house too!

  11. fliss

    Your rabbit doesnt need a sunny day to see how gorgeous it is (but i know what you mean!).I love it…just beautiful :)Hope the sun shines soon for you in Melbourne.

  12. mindy

    I want one of your rabbits soooo bad. My little girl is due at the end of September and I would love one for her. Will you let us all know when you post some for sale!!!

  13. Melissa

    I have been a fan since the prickly pear days. I haven’t even been lucky enough to get a bunny though, I will continue to try. Your own little bun is a sweet one!

  14. alice

    that doll may be the cutest thing ever. i would like to have her for myself 😉

  15. susan jackson

    This is an an adorable picture of both your little girl and one of the bunnies. Would you take an advance order?

  16. Skebba

    Oh my, that dolly is ever so sweet! She went straight into my tumblr goodies (my digital poolroom, heh).You’ve probably already tried this, but sometimes I find tweaking the colour balance helps get rid of the gloomies. You can do it in levels, curves, or the easiest way is in colour balance: slide the slider more to yellow than blue, more to green than magenta, and more to red than cyan. Or something like that, writing this from memory!

  17. Diana vlad

    Obj my gosh I love the bunny doll you have created!! Are you selling these??? If so can I please purchase one exactly like the little girl is holding in photo!Many thanks and eagerly awaiting a response :))

    Thank you.


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