My Creative Space + Links

Kokeshi dolls slowly but surely covering the ironing board.


Reprinting my moon print on the gocco. One more colour to go. (more creative spaces over at Kirst’s place)

I have been pleasantly busy with all my artwork at the moment. Printing, sewing, painting, designing, drawing. It’s all wonderful fun but it takes up the time I would otherwise dedicate to writing a coherent blog post.

But lots of things are making me go “weee!” including:

1. Fiona’s doll pattern. The dolls are so beautiful – and the pattern is a joy in itself.

2. Pip. Always Pip. And her fabulous list of gocco links.

3. Stephanie’s tooth fairy pillow from 2005 (ah, the good ol’ days) because Amelia’s tooth is finally in need of a tooth fairy pillow.

4. This video of the 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world. But you know? Click on it and watch it in a larger version – if not full screen.

(via we love you so)

5. Looking up photographs of the Loch Ness Monster for the wee bairns only to find a National Geographic (old) news article about the theory that the sighting of Nessie in 1933 may have been a circus elephant! Too cool.

6. Celeriac. I have fallen in love with the ugliest vegetable on the planet.