1 year, 4646km through China and a beard

I hope you don’t mind me posting another video. I have had a stomach thing and have been sleeping and mooching for most of this week. Mooching includes watching too many videos on the internet. But I do like this one. I have posted this for my brother and for my parents who are adventurers at heart.

14 Responses to “1 year, 4646km through China and a beard”

  1. julie

    cleaver boy. I think I may need to share this on my fb page. thank you for sharing!Get better…only with lots more vids and warm drinks:)

  2. Kirsty

    Hope you’re feeling better Claire. Although I don’t wish for the stomach bug the week of watching vids sounds like a grand idea.

  3. Cassandra

    Fabulous, makes me want to travel too! Great idea for documenting the changes, he looks so different in the end.Get better soon Claire.xxx

  4. Lisa

    thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed watching it, I’ll forward it to my brother who’s just come back from 3 weeks in China! hope your feeling better soon 🙂

  5. Mandy

    He looks so different after one year. He lost a lot of the chubbiness in his face, not that he had much to begin with. But what an amazing experience.I always am left wondering what it is about some people’s spirits that leads them to pursue such tasks, and how the rest of us would like to do something like that but never pursue it… hmm, now I will go to sleep tonite contemplating this…

  6. Dandy

    I loved that video and I will share it. Isn’t it amazing how such simple videos like that can bring up so many emotions?

  7. Sam

    WOW!!!! That was amazing!! Love, love, love your blog it is super gorgeous!!! 🙂 Hope you’re feeing better soon!

  8. Kiddlebug

    I love this video and the music that goes with it. Thanks for reminding me to watch it again.

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