My studio floor is covered in drying gocco prints. I did two different colours for my moon print; a bunch with a pink background (evening sky, or apocolyptic depending on who you ask) and a bunch with a dark blue night sky. It wasn’t meant to be dark but it is – and I don’t like it – so I have just ordered some pastel blue and will do a reprint when it gets here. Gocco is all a bit trial ‘n’ error for me but brilliantly fun regardless.

And have you seen Kirst’s quilt project? Have you signed up? I am about to work on an embroidery design for my square and will make it available as a pdf to download if you want to make something similar (though, if you are playing along on Kirsty’s quilt project you need to make yours unique).

Have a happy weekend – we’ll be glamming up for a black-tie event tomorrow night – I have my dress and now just need to fit into it. Oh dear!

12 Responses to “Moonstruck”

  1. Bek

    Very sweet print. Love it! I like the pink sky, and the little dude in dress ups.

  2. Jo-Anne

    Definately a pretty sunset rather than the end of the world.

  3. Andi

    These moon prints are divine. Are they on card or fabric? Are you selling them? I’d love to buy one (or a couple).Have fun tomorrow night!!Andi 🙂

  4. Beth

    I would like to try gocco one day. It sounds like fun. I love your design. Can’t wait to see your new color choice, too.

  5. Cele

    These beautiful moon prints are so perfect.Really made me smile :)Hope you enjoy your special night.

  6. Pip Lincolne

    Pink sky at night – sailor’s delight!Your prints are lovely, Claire! I am looking forward to you and me and Lisa Mitchell having our joint birthday party next year.We best let her know, I guess!Hope your day is lovely and your eye is better.xx

  7. Jess

    Your prints are gorgeous! And very inspiring! I love the pink sky too!Hope you have fun tonight too.

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