My studio floor is covered in drying gocco prints. I did two different colours for my moon print; a bunch with a pink background (evening sky, or apocolyptic depending on who you ask) and a bunch with a dark blue night sky. It wasn’t meant to be dark but it is – and I don’t like it – so I have just ordered some pastel blue and will do a reprint when it gets here. Gocco is all a bit trial ‘n’ error for me but brilliantly fun regardless.

And have you seen Kirst’s quilt project? Have you signed up? I am about to work on an embroidery design for my square and will make it available as a pdf to download if you want to make something similar (though, if you are playing along on Kirsty’s quilt project you need to make yours unique).

Have a happy weekend – we’ll be glamming up for a black-tie event tomorrow night – I have my dress and now just need to fit into it. Oh dear!