Special Stuff – Wednesday: Moomins


Our house is full of Moomin paraphenalia… how could it not be? The Moomins and all things Tove Jansson have been a life-long love for me and now my girls. I grew up in a Moomin kind of family in a Moomin kind of house and now I even have my own Mimble and My as daughters… I will tell you a secret; if you love the Moomins and you meet another Moomin fan (a guenuine one, mind you) you can be sure that they are a pretty nifty kind of person, and most likely worth making friends with.

A handful of my kind friends know & understand my passion and indulge it with gifts of figurines and books, mugs and fabric (oh so good!), stamps and inflatable snufkins… but my most special piece is the little framed drawing that Amelia did when she was three or so of Mimble, Snufkin, Moomintroll and Little My. It sits in the kitchen just near the stove and is quite often splattered with spaghetti sauce but I like to look at it often.

** By the way, if you happen to have a copy of The Dangerous Journey:


– in very good to excellent condition, pref. in English, please let me know if you would be willing to work out some kind of trade for it, (loobylu rabbit? Kokeshi? print? illustration?) because you would make me very happy ***