Special Stuff – Monday: Cookbooks



Pip is hosting another “A Week of” – this week it’s “A Week of Special Stuff” – and I am going to take part because I have lots of special stuff piling up around the house. I have lots of not-special stuff piling up too, but maybe that will be next week.

This notebook doesn’t actually belong to me, but it’s in my house at the moment and it’s pretty bloomin’ special. It’s my Mum’s first of many cookbooks: “The Robertson Family Cookathon Guide; 1970 est”. One day I will inherit this piece of family history but for now I am borrowing it to mine it for gems for our own sequel “The Robertson McCluskey Cookathon Guide; 2009 est”.

Top: Cover

Middle: Mum’s fab marble cake recipe which I loved as a kid – it was always pink, vanilla and chocolate. And yes, it did tend to be dry.

Bottom: My illustrated recipe for Coconut biscuits – c. 1974 (I know it’s around 1974 because that’s my brother in my Mum’s arms. ¬†She did have boots like that. Doesn’t every mother of a newborn… no?)

*** update… hang on, it can’t be 1974, that would make me 2 and I doubt I was writing like this at age 2… so maybe it’s more like 1977 or so ***