Werribee, 11.30am


Werribee Open Plains Zoo – it was a perfect day for checking out the animals. We even had to wear sunscreen.

My favourite part was watching the beautiful female lions have a snack, with a little growl accompanying each mouthful. I only felt slightly nervous that Lily wove her way right to the front of the crowd and watched with her nose pushed against the fence. The girl knows no fear.

My least favourite part was standing in line about to board the tour bus only to have Lily say “I need to do a wee!” followed by me hoisting her onto my hip and running (staggering) my way through the zoo to the bathroom and back just in time, cursing my too tight jeans and my general state of complete unfitness. I felt like one of those wooden hippos up there, only not smiling so much. Oh, of course! That’s why I feel completely wrecked tonight! I’m off to collapse on the couch and enjoy (seriously) some more old episodes of 30 Rock. Brilliant. Even better than the zoo.