faces faces everywhere

I seriously love painting on these wooden dolls – I can’t believe I put it off for so long.


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  1. Nicole

    They are just gorgeous and must be so lovely to work with. Beautiful wood, such personality.

  2. mimi k

    I Love these! I particularly like how you have kept the wood-ness of them- the grain and color. I know I would have covered them with gesso first and lost so much, right at the start. And I can see why it was hard to start in on them- a blank prepared surface can be very intimidating.

  3. Beth

    I love the way you are painting these faces. You are doing them the loobylu way….they are completely unique and individual. Keep going!

  4. pinry

    it’s amazing how a few (albeit skillfully placed) lines van create such personality on inanimate objects. love the slightly uncertain expressions on the brown-haired ones!

  5. Cele

    What great expressions, you have such a talent for faces and expressions. These little dolls are beautiful.

  6. coryy

    I was recently trying to paint on wooden heads….HOW on earth do you keep the paint from bleeding in the wood grains? My mom and I had a horrible result, and we resorted to using colored pencils!!! Any advice or tips would be a big help!Thanks!

  7. Amy

    If you ever put some in your shop, could you please give me a shout? They rock.


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