Wood painting

Working on kokeshi dolls – turned by my awesome Uncle. About to sand out the nose on the front one and try something a little less clunky. School’s back today so it’s back to sewing rabbits. Stay tuned.

13 Responses to “Wood painting”

  1. stacy

    Oh my gosh. I love kokeshi dolls soooo much. I’m so excited to see you (one of my favorite crafties) working on these!!! I really need to get my dad to turn out some dolls in his woodshop. Especially if this first baby is a girl. Thanks for this post!

  2. blueribbon

    These are absoloutly whimsically lovely. The wood looks great doesn’t it – the grain adds a great other dimension/texture under your lovely painting.

  3. fat mum slim

    I love them. I like the front one as it is, but as you’re super talented I know you’ll make it even more beautiful. x

  4. victoria

    I know I shouldn’t sound surprised as it is your trade, but my gosh your hand is steady! I love them too.

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