Mad bunny making times

Top: Rabbits. Multiplying.

Bottom: Mess left by rabbits.

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37 Responses to “Mad bunny making times”

  1. Lisa

    Ah they’re gorgeous, I had a yellow bed spread when I was little like the bunny’s body on the far left of your pic, it’s made me feel all nostalgic!

  2. Angie

    They look like the sort of rabbit I might actually let into my home (besides the ones wrapped in pastry).There must be more clippings than those pictured, I always end up with little mountains of offcuts, clippings & fluff!

  3. Emjie

    I love your rabbits. One day I hope to buy one. Will this collection be going up for sale?

  4. Christina

    It oddly made me think that decorative fluffy poo is what comes from fluffy toy bunnies : )

  5. Kathleen

    Any chance that these might sell for less than 300 bucks ? i’ve been craving one for oh, five years now ? *sighs madly*

  6. Erica Eley

    I covet your bunnies! Love them all, great work! I see a couple of pink ones in there, and would very much like to call dibs on one… 🙂

  7. Christy

    I hope this means you will be putting some bunnies up on etsy. I really want to have one and I think I’m ready to buy.

  8. myf

    sweet little fuzzies!floor boards must make life easier when it’s time to clean up.

  9. susan jackson

    I love your bunnies!! What is the best way to find out when they are available? THANKS

  10. Chrisy

    Those dang rabbits makin a mess….but they’re so cute you have to forgive them don’t you…


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