You *will* love Lili Scratchy

Lili Scratchy – so good! I can’t say any more because I am practicing my new “computer off by 9.30pm” rule and it’s 9.34… but do check out her blog and all the wonderful stuff that goes on there. (via the equally wonderful Misako Mimoko).

9 Responses to “You *will* love Lili Scratchy”

  1. Kirsty

    So wonderful!I’ve been applying lots of rules for myself & the computer & I’m finding it most refreshing.

  2. Yolanda

    I love chiecking in on your blog and now I know why- we like the same stuff! I am the one who bought the dardik print in your etsy favorites- and would LOVE to get my hands on one of your stuffies- I’ll be peeking to see when they’re ready for adoption!Thank you for hte daily inspiration!Yolanda

  3. Angela

    Hello Claire! I feel a wittle embarrassed, you see I didn’t realise that you had posted about the lovely talented lili scratchy days before I posted about her also. It is all very coincidental.And you are right, she is easy to love!

    I think I need to adopt your ‘computer off at 9.30 rule’!!


  4. alice

    what wonderful things you’ve linked to here. i’m so happy to have discovered your blog! we’re in a frenzy of inspiration around our house now.

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