How cool is three?

Today Lily turns three.

Already! Blink and you’ll miss it, as they say.

She’s the kid with the wild, unkempt hair, the mismatched socks, the too short pants, the three week old temporary tattoo, the temper tantrums that makes her pass out (seriously), the blues harp, the collection of gravel, the love of monsters, the endless poo jokes. 

But she’s also the kid with the sweetest smile, the gentlest kisses, the most infectious laughter, the well loved dolls, an eagerness to help make dinner, who already tells long, involved stories about adventures which are yet to happen, the one who calls me Muvva and Phil Farva as a kind of joke, the one who sleeps all night, and then who snuggles in beside me every morning for a sleepy cuddle, the one who likes to jump and hop and dance, the kid who plays peacefully for hours on end and listens patiently and devotedly when her sister reads her stories. 

I used to call her my love blob when she was a baby because she was so easy to love. She still is – but now with added extra bits.

Happy birthday Lil!