Rock buns and colouring in

I can tell Winter is here because I am spending time looking at beach-holiday destinations and imagining how nice it would be to lie on the warm sand. Hmm. Byron Bay looks nice in wide-angled photos. I seemed to remember doing similar browsing in the middle of Summer, imagining chilly  destinations including the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Because it was a more than a little Wintery here today, the girls and I spent large amounts of time drawing pictures for each other to colour. And when I wasn’t answering to the call of “Mum, draw me! Draw me!”,  I made rock buns – have you ever made Jane’s rock buns? They are delicious and lemony and I highly recommend them. Leave them to cool a little when they come out of the oven, but make sure to eat them while they are still a bit warm. Lily did not eat hers (which is unsurprising, as she is a non-eater in general, unless it’s bread or chocolate), but the rest of us devoured two each.