You will love…

virginhoney02…the flickr world of artist and illustrator Virgin Honey! She’s a little bit Elsita, a little bit Nathalie Lete, a little bit J Otto Seibold… sort of… and entirely unique. I could hardly chose a photo, there are so many goodies.

9 Responses to “You will love…”

  1. Meg

    Thanks for sharing the link! A great find on any day, but particularly today. xx

  2. Amy

    definitely a thumbs up! so inspiring and fun.i love all the work you’ve been doing lately, too!

  3. Aya

    I like that idea to “open” peoples mind for abstract thinking of art,…and clear to them that ANYTHING can be ART if you remove it’s function.Tha piece is provocking exactly that sort of message TO ME.WELL DONE…:)

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