Black Cab Sessions


I spent a long time browsing through the short films of the Black Cab Sessions last night, and it made me so happy that I thought I would share them with you too. You’ve probably already seen them, but I live under a rock – it’s cosy under here but I do miss a lot of good stuff. 

The Black Cab Sessions is a simple concept. Put a band and a small film crew in the back seat of a London cab and film a totally unplugged version of one of their songs as they spin around the streets of London (or New York, or the Welsh countryside etc). They’re all so full of atmosphere. I love it love it love it. So far I love Badly Drawn Boy, Lykke Li (oh so good), Dawn Landes (with a fabulously bearded Ray playing percussion on a notebook), Fleet Foxes and Martha Wainwright … so far. I have many more to see.

And omg… it’s the Brian Wilson, and his four band members (and the film crew) in the back of the cab. That’s a full cab. and guaranteed to make you smile.

Let me know if you find a stand-out one.

** photos from The Black Cab Sessions blog **