Dear Nany

I asked Amelia to clean up her room on the weekend and after about five minutes she said to me, “You know how Nanny cleans up my room sometimes, well what happens if she gets bored and needs a little break?” and I thought about my Mum and how she cleans and I said “Well, she wouldn’t actually stop until it was done, would she?” and Amelia totally agreed and I knew we were both thinking of the same image of my Mum as a whirlwind of action. Neither Amelia nor I are like that when it comes to being tidy – making mess? Yes. Putting it all away again? If we have to, and then it’s very slowly and reluctantly. So instead of going back to clean her room again, she decided she needed to sit down and write to Nanny to get some words of advice.


“Dear Nanny, You know how my room is always messy, well I do try to tidy it up but I do not know how to do it. Can you give me some advice? From Amelia”

And instead of cleaning up the house for some afternoon guests right now, I am posting a blog post about it. So – there you go. Like Mother, like daughter.