Sketching for a gocco

Yeegads – a busy weekend. I think I emptied a tank of petrol with all the running around we’ve had to do. Amelia and I dropped in on Christina and Paul for a cup of tea today and as usual we came away feeling very inspired (and warm! There’s certainly nothing wrong with their heating). Amelia came home and sorted all her Blythe postcards, and I’ve been working away at my Paper Moon sketch, ready to gocco-fy as soon as I can get some time to get to a photocopier. Does anyone know if there is a Melbourne gocco supply source or do I need to go back to Nehoc? 

Tonight? We have a chick-flick and the rest of the Green & Black’s white chocolate to devour.

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I’ve lost track of my days. I know I missed one due a packed schedule- and it’s way too cold to get up at 5.30 at the moment. Every other day I have managed to dash down somewhere between 500 and 1000 words, usually in the evening after the girls are asleep, so none of it is particularly good. I do like my 5.30 starts. I also really need to find a solid slab of time to write all my scenes down on sticky notes (a la Will Self) and rearrange the lot so the plot structure makes sense. I think I need to chop out a major subplot which means a couple of my favourite characters get the flick – but hey, this may be the book that ends up in my bottom drawer, and I can resurrect those characters at a later date in my BLOCKBUSTER. Yep.

9 Responses to “Sketching for a gocco”

  1. Ashley

    I know I’ve seen some gocco stuff at eckersleys out by great dane on commercial road. no idea how the prices compare or what their range is like though, as i was really just looking at the starter kits.

  2. MCB

    I’m pretty sure Eckersley’s on Commercial Road, Prahran, have gocco supplies. That’s where mine came from, but that was a couple of years ago.

    • Claire

      Yes, I think you are right Ms Pip – It’s part of my “Ho” series.

  3. Claire

    Hello,Eckersley’s in the city has Gocco supplies (I buy mine from there) 97 Franklin St, Melbourne, VIC 3000. (03) 9663 6799. Your sketch looks lovely.Claire

  4. Lili

    Ahhhhh…… the wonderful world of blythe!love the scetch!


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