When you’re bored in the car…

…everyone take a role and sing Danny Boy Muppet-style – personally, I love being Beaker.

Also, while we’re on the Muppets, I’m sure you know the Mana Mana song – but have you seen the original? I kind of like it – it’s more hairy, freestylin’ beeboppin’ beatnik than the monster/alien version. The girls remind me of Gweneth Paltrow for some reason.

And while we’re on good, vintage silliness which the kids will love, we watched The Goodies – Kitten Kong (in three parts) this morning in hysterics. Amelia is at just the right age (the age when I must have been watching the Goodies at 6pm followed by Dr Who at 6.30) and thought it was fabulous. Lily asked “is that real?” a lot but still loved it.

I’m off to write 500 words.