When you’re bored in the car…

…everyone take a role and sing Danny Boy Muppet-style – personally, I love being Beaker.

Also, while we’re on the Muppets, I’m sure you know the Mana Mana song – but have you seen the original? I kind of like it – it’s more hairy, freestylin’ beeboppin’ beatnik than the monster/alien version. The girls remind me of Gweneth Paltrow for some reason.

And while we’re on good, vintage silliness which the kids will love, we watched The Goodies – Kitten Kong (in three parts) this morning in hysterics. Amelia is at just the right age (the age when I must have been watching the Goodies at 6pm followed by Dr Who at 6.30) and thought it was fabulous. Lily asked “is that real?” a lot but still loved it.

I’m off to write 500 words.

15 Responses to “When you’re bored in the car…”

  1. kelli

    love it! That version of Manamana song is the best and that is sooooo Gwyneth Paltrow!!!Thanks for the smiles this morning 🙂

  2. katef

    Oh how we love the muppets at the moment…. the show with Julie Andrews singing the Goat Herd sing from the sound of Music is a firm favourite with our five year olds and the almost two year old LOVES the Manamana song!

  3. Fiona

    We got a Goodies DVD from the library a couple of months ago – Audrey liked Kitten Kong the best, too. Perhaps not quite so much as Matt & I, though. Love the Goodies.The mana mana song will be in my head for the rest of the day now!

  4. christie

    Ok, I will be animal then…I recently bought the muppet show DVD’s & the kids (&i ) are enjoying watching them, although they have NO IDEA who any of the guest starts are!

    The goodies were a big part of my childhood too, I used to think it was hilarious!

  5. Andi

    I hadn’t ever seen the Muppets version of Danny Boy.Oh, how I laughed!!!Many thanks.I’ve bought loads of viewing for my kids from my childhood including Season 1 of the Muppets (which we all love).Must see if I can get some Goodies on DVD.Andi 🙂

  6. Bek

    I am told that kitten kong freaked me out so much as a toddler that the goodies theme song made me a little hysterical. Good times!

  7. kerri Young

    Oh Claire, I love the Muppets doing Danny Boy I laugh and Laugh every time.I have to paste this link here


    it is my most ever fav ‘ famous person onSesame Street’ Clip.I have little ones and sing a version of this to them every night.Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.,Cheers


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