Vintage paper moon photographs can be found in the It’s Only A Paper Moon flickr group. It was difficult to chose my favourites. Definitely the inspiration for my next gocco print.


Day 12: Left the writing until after the girls had gone to sleep. I was tired and at a bit of a dead end for ideas so wrote off on a tangent for 500 or so words. Not sure if any of it is useful but by the end of it I was writing a bit of dialogue that could be used to flesh things out a little so perhaps not all a total waste.


I have a new, moon-planting theory that I write best when the moon is waxing and I edit when it’s waning (cut, cut, cut!). Other days I feel as though I just have a great big rocket in my eye.

19 Responses to “Moon”

  1. livebird

    Hi there! I assume you know about the ‘paper moon’ you can sit on in the Melbourne Story exhibition at Melbourne Museum??

  2. beth maher

    I loooooove these!I’m planning my wedding, and it’s got a bit of a whimsical thirties theme, so I’ve been thinking of setting up a photobooth paper moon. I’m just not sure if it wouldn’t be too much work (with all the DIY stuff we’re already doing) and well, just a little bit too “much”.

    But they are sooo lovely…

    Paper Moon is also one of my (new) favourite movies. I’ m crazy about a good grifter movie (especially one set in the thirties)!

  3. Kirsty

    Gorgeous. I’ve got a boy quite obsessed by the moon. When he was small we used to have to take him out into the street to see it before he would go to sleep.

  4. Melissa

    Ohhw. Great photos. I’m not sure which one – maybe the first with the “telling it like it is” expressions, or the super weird one with all those men hanging off the moon, or that glum kid not sure whose fantasy he’s playing out – not his. Good luck with your writing. I’ve been really enjoying following. I have to admit I got Cranford for mother’s day and enjoyed the way the English language has changed – no servant girl was allowed ‘followers’.

  5. jenny b harris

    Wonderful! I love seeing photos from this period, with quirky themes like this, with the subjects so seriously posed. It appears moon settings were very popular. Can’t wait to see your version of a paper moon!

  6. Amy

    I love this group, and your choices! (And the movie, as well!) Inspiring stuff!

  7. Cassandra

    Hello Claire, I think you are a marvellous writer and very courageous for taking on a WHOLE book! Awesome. xxx.C

  8. Karin

    You should have a look at The Mighty Boosh’s moon on YouTube!

    • Claire

      I LOVE the mighty boosh’s moon. It’s exactly what I thought of when I saw this photo.

  9. tiel

    i have a photo of my mother and uncle sitting on a paper moon circa 1950. I think it was taken at Luna Park.

  10. Happydacks

    Great to see Mlis moon on your picture choices Claire! I was really excepting to see ‘Noel Fielding’s’ moon as well though! Ohhhhhhh! Chele x

  11. Tracy

    I love these pictures. I love the whimsy of them. Old photo’s are my favorite and I love to see the clothing they wore back then. I wish I could find some of those photo’s when I go Antiquing.

  12. Anna

    One of my most treasured photos is of my grandparents sitting on a paper moon at Luna Park. They were both sixteen at the time and so in love.


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