Baby, it’s cold inside

Our heating is broken, and it’s warmer sitting outside in the overcast gloom than it is at the kitchen table. I feel like we live in the olden days – at least – that’s what I tell the kids as they peer at me under their beanies and try to move their arms to eat their breakfasts, hindered by all the thick clothing layers they’ve been made to pile on over their pjs and under their dressing gowns. 

Only a week until someone comes to replace the logic board in the heating unit. 

Three things that happened to me today (that didn’t involve complaining about the cold):

1) I made a new friend. Amelia’s new friend from school has a very nice mother who… SEWS. Ahh, kindred spirit.

2) I told my mum the plot of my novel over lunch and her eyes started moving in spirals like she was a hypnotised cartoon character. She told me it sounded very complex. 

3) I made the head for the doll to send to Nicaragua. I am making one of my punkdorf dolls and the swearing that goes on as I wrangle large wads of fleece has not got any less despite the practice. 

I haven’t written my 500 words for Every Day in May today, yet, so I’d better go do that now. At least my laptop is keeping me warm.