Good stuff by subscription

Photo from yesterday’s Age – by Rodger Cummins.

Subscriptions! So good. Sign up once, and then it just keeps going and going. I subscribe to a couple of magazines and a couple of zines, but there are other things which you can keep surprising yourself with every month.

Wilkintie (above): This one looks awesome – Fine art prints for children by fabulous illustrators printed by letterpress

“Subscription to Wilkintie offers you an opportunity to collect all twelve prints in our first series. Each month we release a new print by a different artist, which we will send to you in the mail at the beginning of that  month, wrapped in a little parcel of fun. The artwork itself will be a surprise or, if you’d like a sneak preview of the latest release you will be able to view it on this site. But we think the surprise is all part of the experience.”  

When you sign up for the subsciption, each of the 12 prints works out to be only $40 each. You could collect the lot or keep your favourites and give away the others as gifts. Single prints are still the very reasonalbe $80 (Australian). 

(via @weheartbooks on twitter)


Threadless 12 Club – I gave this fab subscription to Phil for his birthday and Christmas at the end of 2007 – 12 special edition Threadless Tshirts, one in the mail every month. He got a couple he would rather he hadn’t but mostly he got a wonderful and bizarre collection of shirts that he might have otherwise not thought to buy. And now he won’t need another t-shirt for at least ten years.

Emusic: I have the package which gives me 30 songs a month to download from a vast, vast collection of music. The trick here is to remember to download all your songs before the end of your month or you lose them. I spend ages looking through my recommendations from iTunes and to find good things to download. I don’t know how I’d cope if I had the 75 songs a month package. My head might explode.

Etsy: I have also added a couple of subscription based services I found on etsy to my ‘etsy favourites’ which display in the sidebar, or find them here.

Do you have any other suggestions? I wracked my brains and probably forgot something obvious.