Here’s our list of things that we need to do around the house. A fair bit of painting as you can see.

Look how I spelt bitumen! The weird thing is, I know how to spell bitumen, but my brain was obviously feeling a little subconciously cranky.

I think if we do all these things I will be mighty impressed and possibly go and find a new career producing a show on the lifestyle channel. More likely we will do some weeding and then find the need to check twitter 6 times a minute for weeks on end.

– – – – – 


Day five: How are you going? I was up at 5.30 and pumped out 700 words. Played with that scene I started yesterday and had so much fun. Then I got into the shower and thought some more about it realised that I am still listing towards the clichéd obvious so asked “what else could happen here?” and came up with a far better, funny even, outcome. I wrote while Lily had a rare nap this afternoon so my day’s word total (so far) is 1439.