A quoi ca sert l’amour

8 Responses to “A quoi ca sert l’amour”

  1. Happydacks

    Wow, minimalist drawings with maximum expression. How great is that! Very nice. What is it for? Chele

  2. Prue

    I don’t think I have ever seen a stick figure wearing such a nice flowing dress before!

  3. Jo-Anne

    Does it look like you and Big P? (Minus the black eyes of course!)

  4. Chels

    Oh my gosh. I saw this a couple years back and I started thinking about it again and then it showed up on your wonderful site!

  5. Yamila

    Vicky Christina Barcelona is an ok film, in my opinion the spanish actors are the best bit in it, Penelope and Javier and the spanish setting ofcourse.If you want to see it, you can download it from itunes (North American) for about US$3.99. That is what we did, you may have to buy a itune credit from ebay so you can access the USA itunes as it is not available on the Australian Itunes.I think Burn After reading is much better, also downloaded it from Itunes I think from the Aussie site.


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