Paumes – So cruel!

Oh so cruel! In our year of “must not spend on anything frivolous” I have found more Paumes books without which my collection will not be complete. Ages ago I spotted the Paumes title “London Gardens” and thought – “there is nothing sweeter than an English garden except for a Japanese book about English gardens” and our garden needs all the help it can get. So that one is on my list. And then, of course, they released San Francisco Kitchens (with Lisa on the cover!) so that suddenly became a MUST have and to make it even less indulgent, I thought, I can get the two shipped together. And now? Now I see they have released Apparetements de filles à Paris and it looks mighty cute, and considering I spend most of my time imagining I am a Parisian fille in a pretty appartement how can that not be anything but a necessity? But three fluffy Paumes books? In a year of no spend? Pardon moi, but that is totalement ridicule.

Le sigh.


** updated to say that The Lark is now stocking some Paumes titles in Australia! **