Every Day in May

Such a lovely, rainy, insidey day to day. My favourite.

 I have a kid home sick which is a little sad as she is missing a (rather chilly and wet) school excursion to the Botanical Gardens. I am missing out on a good coffee and project-based chat in Fitzroy which is also a bit sad. Instead I am going to make some more of that chai. And ponder Every Day in May.

Élena paints every day in May, and has done so for the last couple of years

It is highly likely that I will not be reading the Twilight Saga every day in may as I am almost done, so that will leave a gaping hole in my schedule. So instead I think I will do the Every Day in May challenge to  “commit to create something every day in the month of May”.

Maybe you could take part too!

So now, what do I concentrate on? For a scatter-brain like me this is the hardest thing. Do I blog every day? Should I write some fiction (which really does need a little attention)? A granny square? Perhaps a papercut? That would be insane – my neck and shoulder wouldn’t be able to handle it. I am still recovering from last week’s two day effort. Maybe even just a doodle in a sketchbook is a good idea. Perhaps anything creative would be better than nothing.

What will you do if you take part? Maybe your ideas will inspire me…