Paper cutting day two

Dream House #1,  8″ x 11″

I think I have found a new obsession. And while you might not believe this, it *isn’t* low-light photography. (Curse these gloomy afternoons!)

Working a papercut is a delightful combination of two of my favourite things; illustration and craft. For me, the excuse to get away from the computer, on which I do most of my illustration work, and slowly carve out an image with my hands is amazingly exciting. 

Luckily the girls played happily together yesterday (mostly) so I got a good chunk of time to slice away at this with my new knife (beautiful sharp blades! I only used one for this but I probably should have switched it out for another as it was starting to drag towards the end), my little snippity-snip scissors and my new fine paper.

I loved working out the design. I drew it completely in my sketchbook first rather than leaving anything to chance as I just don’t have the skills or confidence (or talent!) to go it freestyle as Elsita does.  I decided I wanted some parts to be completely symmetrical like the traditional German papercuts (thanks to Amy for putting me on to that) which I cut first and some parts I wanted to be asymmetrical which I went back and cut after I had flattened out the paper again. 

Wanna do some? I found these helpful: Martha Stewart cutting a symmetrical paper valentine. The Skinny laMinx tutorial is good too. Of course, there are bazillions of links in Elsita’s sidebars so do check those out too. I love the shadow work of Andrea Dezsö.

Speaking of folded paper and symmetry – Wow!

18 Responses to “Paper cutting day two”

  1. Happydacks

    Really cute paper cut! Thanks for the links.Ever thought of doing an animation, you would do well with it I’m sure.

  2. Kim

    Oh, I love this! It would make a nice screenprint too … though there’s something special about the one-of-a-kind nature of papercutting.

  3. Sara

    really lovely! I’ve caught the papercutting bug too thanks to some of the links you posted.

  4. Shelley Noble

    Claire, you are so multi-talented! You have a wonderful quality coming through your paper cuts, just like the charm of your illustrations! Thank you for the great links too.WOW!

  5. girlprinter

    I was in Kanga Kanga the other day (cnr. Russell & Bourke) and they had a Japanese craft book about Danish papercuts. Unfortunately for me, it’s in Japanese, but it might be worth a look.I posted some links about papercutting a few years back:

    Yours are lovely!


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