Cartas Pequeñas

I worked on Little Letters almost four years ago now. WOW! Where did that time go? I feel massively prolific realising that fact (not). Oh well.

It’s always nice to hear from people who have stumbled across the book and realised it was illustrated by me. Yesterday one of my old, old web mates MCB sent me a photo of a book sighting in her new home town of Frankfurt. Kleine Briefe! Even I can read that with my year 10 German skillz. The top photo was sent to me some years ago now by Lizette who found it in Buenos Aires. 

You can still get the book on Amazon, Fishpond and surrounds – it is mostly kept in print by my Mum who keeps buying it for friends’ grandchildren. They must all have about six copies each.

It’s time to get another book out there I think!

(Motivational post for my sake mostly, thank you for indulging me)