Run little piggy!

Wonderful (clever!) stop motion chase scene. (via ghost patrol )

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  1. pip of meetmeatmikes

    That’s really great. I don’t even KNOW how they came up with that concept – it’s brain hurtingly complex. So good, though! I kind of got the feeling halfway through that the pig was LEADING the wolf…. Did you?!

  2. vanessa newton

    How awesome and fun was this!!!! HOW DELICIOUSLY CLEVER!!! I could just watch it over and over and over again! YIPPY!! Okay, got to go and watch it once again he he he! great blog you have here. I love everything about it! Great stuff.V

  3. Tami in NY

    I love this. So creative and from so many different perspectives! I love when the camera moved in front of them towards the end.That also reminded me of this that I saw some time ago.

  4. Sam

    How clever is that!! Some people are seriously talented!! (not to mention patient!!)

  5. Mama Thrift

    Wow! That was like magic. I’m not even going to ask how they did that. The mind boggles. Music was great too 🙂


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