From top to bottom




Photos from top to bottom:

My computer is broken.

I am making granny squares but not every day.

Our house is full of flowers.

I made a pie.

The image on the broken computer reminds me of a polish weaving.

I am slowly (very slowly) making a crochet rug to to curl under when reading on the couch.

Gerberas are my girls’ favourite flowers and they are in season so why not?

The pie was filled with chicken, leeks & mushrooms in a white sauce.

Phil managed to save everything I needed from the broken computer including photos from the last 6 years – there were some very tense moments when I thought we might have lost everything.

Granny squares make me happy like nobody’s business and I know it is because of the granny square rugs seen in childhood – there are three I can remember made by great grandmother.

One of our guests on Sunday told a story about a funeral she had been to recently where the attendees threw gerberas onto the coffin. She mispronounced it gerbils which made it a very funny story rather than a slightly sad one.

The kids liked the pie and it was such an enormous pie that we are having it again tomorrow night – I doubt the kids will eat it a second time as they tend towards randomness when it comes to food. Hmm, maybe that means they *will* eat it.

Computer screen pattern – five minutes
Crochet rug – three generations?
Gerberas – four days
Pie – two nights