Inspiration on a Wednesday

Fleet Foxes – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – covered by First Aid Kit. Via kitten fluff.

Speaking of finding lovely things on the internet, please have a look at the beautiful website and shop of Taeeun Yoo. These pieces were creature using lino cuts and pencil. So perfect!


via Sarah Jane.

Now it’s late and I have a vampire book to read.

12 Responses to “Inspiration on a Wednesday”

  1. lindsey clare

    oh please say you mean Twilight?? i’m on the third one right now, and it’s ridiculously silly and quite tedious reading at times, but i love them all the same.

  2. Claire

    Yes – and I am reading the third too. I keep saying “wow, nothing really happens… why is it that I feel compelled to keep reading?”

  3. pip of meetmeatmikes

    I just went STRAIGHT over there and bought the ‘Firefly’ one. So lovely. Thanks for showing us – I would never have known, otherwise! xx

  4. Claire

    Yes! I saw this last night too. It’s quite hypnotic.

  5. Lou

    Stunning Taeeun Yoo. I want all the prints. The Red Fish is one of my favorite children’s books.

  6. librarygirl

    Wow. Gorgeous art – thanks for sharing it.

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