Gloom remedy

Autumn days are well and truly here. I love it. Grey, heavy skies, drizzle, woodsmoke. There’s nothing better for an inside-day than playdough, and all the better if it’s bright orange. 

Stir playdough, cook, cool, play Wake Up by Arcade Fire (via the Where the Wild Things Are preview) very loudly and make dinosaurs.

Check out Specialasaurus. He’s a bit special.

Thank you for your kind thoughts about Amelia’s long fortnight away. She is having a ball and while I was expecting it to be quiet around here, it’s nothing of the sort. It’s as if we have cut off a head, and another has sprung up in its place. Lily is well-and-truly enjoying the space her big sister has left. While she has moments of missing her, and asks when she’ll be back and likes chatting to her on the phone (I don’t think Amelia can understand a word), she’s become loud and opinionated in her absence. We’re having quite a lot of fun.