Career Highlight?

Heather was on Oprah today (in the States). That’s pretty exciting; Go Heather!

But ALSO my toys were on Oprah! In the background! Look, see?

26 Responses to “Career Highlight?”

  1. Jhoanna

    Eeeeeek! So exciting! Been following Dooce for a few years too and it is amazing how far she has come from blogger to international fame.

  2. Christina

    Your toys were on Oprah! That is pretty much immortality right there!!

  3. Sarah B.

    Super cool! I actually watched the episode (I have a little part on a couple of episodes of that show In the Motherhood that Cheryl Hines was promoting AND I’m a big dooce reader) and I’m surprised I didn’t notice your softies. But I’m so glad you pointed them out and there they are, clear as day! Congratulations!

  4. Jessica

    Oh my god! I know that your blog and shop are very popular, but I LOVE Dooce and for your toys to be on Oprah. Eek! Next stop, the Martha show. So exciting! Well done!

  5. Fran

    Six Degrees of Softies. I love it. Heather is fab and I think Dooce is great. That is so exciting…for both of you. And you know what this means? I have a softie made by a person who made a softie that was sent to Heather, who went on Oprah … Cool.

  6. pip of meetmeatmikes

    Your bunnies look nervously surprised! How adorable! And that is really really really awesome! Well done You! Definitely a career highlight, i think! You must be pinching yourself!

  7. Christy

    I noticed them and was so jealous when I saw that she had more than one. I am definitely buying one at some point. I NEED to have a bunny!

  8. Meg

    In my opinion, it is Oprah who should be celebrating you mentioning her on your blog.


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