Bathroom wall #2

Here is our second Bathroom Wall Exhibition. Sweet girls this week.


First on the wall this week is a postcard I brought back from Vancouver in 1998. This is one of my absolutely favourite cards in my collection. It’s a photo of a detail from the beautiful  The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, The Jade Canoe, a sculpture by Bill Reid. “The Mouse Woman, the third woman aboard this canoe, is the oldest and most enigmatic of all: Grandmother to the Raven, she unravels the tangled webs inhibiting the activities of the creatures of the myth time.” It’s in the Vancouver International Airport. I love the little face of this grandmother mouse – so Tove Jansson-esque. The stories about the Mouse Woman sound like they might be a little Tove Jansson-esque also.


Next up is a Camilla Engman print/collage – sweet little girl with a fish scale dress. And next is one for the little people;


Flora and Rosebud from the Wee folk Studio by Salley Mavor. 


Lastly, is Sleepless Night (sitting), 1997 by my favourite Yoshimoto Nara, which was sent to me by Isabelle some years ago.

What’s on your bathroom wall? Care to share? Leave a comment if you do! (or even if you don’t).