Do tigers eat lasagna?

Happy Sunday!  Happy International Women’s Day!

We had friends (not tigers) visit for dinner tonight. I made lasagna again – and it was pretty delish. I am very big into the lasagna thing at the moment. It’s an adaptation of my Mum’s bestest recipe and my mate Kim’s bestest recipe. Once I have it down, I will share it with you too.

It’s been a very quiet Sunday. I didn’t get out of my pjs until 12. Phil and I spent a lot of time this morning watching movie trailers. I think I would like to see Gigantic (yay Zooey, and yay the guy from Little Miss Sunshine) and Big Man Japan because you can’t really get better than giant monsters in Tokyo, and of course Coraline – hopefully in 3D. I’m sure I’ll also eventually see Funny People and Year One too. I was once standing in a video library staring vaguely at the movies and Mick, who runs the video store, was helping a woman choose a movie. He kept suggesting oodles of things and she kept saying “Naaaah.” And then eventually she said, “Mick, I just don’t do comedy.” I am impressed that you can eliminate an entire uber genre like that. Then again, I know someone who only does action / thrillers, and someone else who refuses to see anything with subtitles so I guess maybe it’s a common thing. Actually, maybe if I hadn’t met Phil I may not have “done sci-fi” but I’m coming around to it. Maybe I’ll even see Watchmen…

Image from The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr