Bathroom wall exhibition

I thought it would be fun to pop up a random display of cards or clippings or whatever on the the bit of the bathroom wall which can be gazed upon while sitting on the loo.  Remember it used to be de rigueur of the 90s share house to have a Valhalla movie poster and an amusing display of delights on the back of the bathroom door? Maybe it still is, I’m a little out of touch. I’m sure it was partially to detract from the fact that the share house lav had not been cleaned since before Nirvana played at the Palace. But it made me feel nostalgic just thinking about it.

So – my 2009-style toilet door (wall) plan is to change the selection frequently to keep it interesting for the wee ones (ooh – that’s a clever double entendre). I am sure exhibits will wander (Picasso’s Weeping Woman style), and I am sure there will be guest curators and weeks when it all looks dreadful, but that’s all part of the fun. Most of this stuff comes out of my box of pretty cards and bits which will one day go on my ‘inspiration board’ when I finally get around to being that kind of gal. I thought I might record what goes up here.

So the first “exhibition” includes (left to right) a postcard from years ago from a kind Loobylu reader.


Look at those great faces. They are dolls that appeared in an exhibition at Steinberg & Sons in LA of works by Cody Thompson – I have tried finding a website for Cody, but can’t find anything now, except some random images from blogs around the place.

Next up is a postcard from Beci at Princess Tina. The tiger-bird reminds me so much of some of the books we had as kids.


Along to the right of that is a postcard from Kimono House – Japanese Textiles.


Pretty. That one’s for Amelia who is into all things Japanese at the moment. And lastly (but not leastly) we have one of Hillary from Wee Wonderful’s gorgeous cards.


Did you know Hillary has an etsy shop now?

Stay tuned for our next installation!

15 Responses to “Bathroom wall exhibition”

  1. librarygirl

    We had those Valhalla posters in every house we lived in for YEARS. Now we have a cork noticeboard in the loo with school notices about excursions, parties, and groovy cards. And a Digger’s “When to plant vegies” poster.

  2. Anke

    Great idea – an ever changing exhibition is definitely better than a stack of magazines next to the loo. Cute!

  3. amanda

    I went a Japanese friend’s house a long time ago and they put multiplication table in their bathroom. I guess it’s more of a learning time for them, huh?

  4. lori

    this is so funny. we made a little art exhibit in one of the bathrooms at my school just like this — captive audience! :^)

  5. Katherine

    What a cute idea! My bathrooms are pretty bare – this would be a fun way to make things a little more interesting. However, I don’t want to need to paint the walls when we move out of our rental place when it’s time to move again so maybe this will have to wait.

  6. Stomper Girl

    God, the old Valhalla poster in the loo, man that takes me back. Your exhibition is great and just a few light years ahead from the re-useable Thomas the Tank stickers featured in ours.

  7. Kristin

    Wonderful stuff! I passed along the Kreativ Blogger Award to you… Please don’t feel obligated to do the same for others,I just thought you should know 😉

  8. manda soto

    hello there. i just couldn’t help but leave a note, as Cody Thompson is my husbands bestest friend. i don’t believe his website is functioning right now, but you can find him on MySpace. He uploads pictures of new stuff all the time. he’s a great guy and i’m so happy to see his name floating around in the blog world. drop me a line if you still can’t find him. i know where he lives manda

  9. suzie

    Hi! I just came across your blog and saw the postcard that we made for Cody’s first show! The shop is now closed but if you look on our myspace page, you will see his profile on our top friends list. He is such a creative, talented doll maker and not too long ago, designed some tree ornaments for Urban Outfitters. His website I noticed is down, and he moved across the country, so try contacting him through myspace! Best wishes and btw I love your site!


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