Mike’s week of favourite things #2

Mike’s week of favourite things continues! Today I have posted a picture of my favourite sideboard with some favourite objects. Yet again, the snap is a bit dark and taken months ago, but it’s RAINING here in Melbourne, so there’s no point trying for a better one. But I’m not complaining. Rain is my most favourite thing.

When you read articles in interior design magazines the journalist always manages to say “her/his house is decorate with unique mementos collected from overseas journeys through india/bali/asia/etc”.  Unfortuantely I am not so well travelled (I’m saving that for my 50s). So my interior design blurb would read more like: “Claire came across her beautiful Tibetan sideboard in a tiny out of the way clearance store on one of her trips out to Chadstone Shopping Centre. The Balinese pinoccio was found in an import store in Camberwell, and her Lane Smith print (top left) was ordered over the internet. Her lovely Vietnamese rabbit was a gift from a good friend who found it in Brunswick Street, and the J Otto Seibold original came jetting across the ocean from Portland, Oregon (via Canada, thanks to the US postal system) after 21 emails to an online store. The quirky framed display of cultured pearls and their oyster shells was a hand-me-down from her grandmother, as is the beautiful jade green vase.”